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IPv6PacketBuffer Class Reference

IPv6PacketBuffer for Nol.A-SDK IPv6 Suite. More...

#include <IPv6PacketBuffer.hpp>

Public Types


Public Member Functions

bool put (IPv6PacketBuffer &new_pkt, void *buf, uint16_t buf_len, bool buf_alloc, uint8_t protocol)
bool setBuffer (void *buf, uint16_t len, bool buf_alloc, uint8_t protocol)
uint16_t getLength ()
uint16_t getLength () const
int32_t getOffset (void *ptr)
bool align ()
uint16_t dump (uint8_t *dst)
void clean ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void Kill (IPv6PacketBuffer &head)

Public Attributes

IPv6PacketBuffernext = NULL
void * buf = NULL
uint16_t buf_len = 0
uint8_t protocol = 0
bool alloc = false
bool buf_alloc = false
bool compressed = false

Detailed Description

IPv6PacketBuffer for Nol.A-SDK IPv6 Suite.

Jongsoo Jeong (CoXlab)
2011. 9. 21.

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