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UDP Class Reference

UDP. More...

#include <UDP.hpp>


struct  Header_t

Public Member Functions

error_t sendto (IPv6Interface *output, const IPv6Address *src_addr, uint16_t src_port, const IPv6Address *dst_addr, uint16_t dst_port, const void *user_data, uint16_t len)
error_t listen (uint16_t port, void(*func)(IPv6Interface &input, const IPv6Address *src_addr, const IPv6Address *dst_addr, uint16_t src_port, uint16_t dst_port, const uint8_t *msg, uint16_t len))
error_t listen (uint16_t port, UDPDatagramListener *listener)
 UDP 포트를 열고, 수신되는 UDP datagram들을 객체로 전달합니다. More...
error_t stopListening (uint16_t port)
 UDP 포트를 닫습니다. More...
uint16_t getUnusedRandomPort ()
 Get a random port number that is not listening.

Static Public Member Functions

static void receive (IPv6Interface &input, IPv6PacketBuffer *head, IPv6PacketBuffer *ippkt, IPv6PacketBuffer *udppkt)

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